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PostSubject: FORUM RULES & GUIDELINES   Sat May 26, 2012 12:10 am

Purpose of Forums

The FLYFFER's FORUMS exist as a place for the members of the Flyff communities to be able to communicate with one another on from games to ,problems issue,reports,guide , market ,anime and music etc . To some, the forums become a place to chat with old friends and to others to make new ones. As such, always remember to show your fellow forum goer the same kind of respect that you wish to be shown and to have fun with your fellow forum posters and not at the expense of them.

Actions that will get your post or thread deleted:

• Use of offensive language, name calling, and personal attacks.
• Making pointless/duplicate/off-topic/single word/random image forum posts
• Quote chains and consecutive posts closer than 15 minutes together unless unavoidable
• Use of immature language or excessive CAPS
• Trolling or flaming Posting links or images of a pornographic or generally obscene nature
• Plagiarizing
• Links to petitions Posting arguments about a moderation decision or a conflict with another member

Actions that will result in a temporary or permanent restriction for posting on the forums:

• Having multiple active accounts
• Violating posting rules excessively
• Arguing about Admin or Moderator decisions on the forums
• Not respecting your fellow members
• Organizing group acts of harassment or trolling to others on FLYFFER's or on other sites

Guidelines of Behavior

•Do not attack or insult another member, regardless of reason. If you feel offended, do not take this as a green light to start a verbal sparring match. Contact a member of the staff so the issue can be handled the right way.

•Respect the ideas, opinions, and beliefs of your fellow members. The forums exist to allow conversation, not confrontation, so take the time to formulate your comments and responses with the goal of not belittling the ideas of others.

•Keep foul language to a minimum and never direct it at your fellow forum members.

Signatures and Avatars:

•No nudity or profanity
•Keep sigs within 500 width or 200 height in pixels and 100kb’s

Who are the Administrators and Moderators?


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